Huffington Post Reviews My New Album

Man, this review has humbled me. …Wait, people always use that word wrong. This review has not humbled me. It has ego-tized me. Basically I now think I’m a god. …Starting …to feel …like I have … TIGER’S BLOOD. …Oh dear god, I’ve come down with Sheenism. Anyway, read the excerpts of the review of…

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Send The D-bags To War

Rapper Devilz Speciez Used My Comedy in His Latest Song

Check it out. Groundbreaking rapper/philosopher Devilz Speciez used my comedy in his latest hit!

The Wisconsin Protesters Are Damn Slobs!

Psyops at Starbucks

This is today’s Moment of Clarity. A new one comes out every Mon, Wed, & Friday. – written transcript – I went into Starbucks because there was nothing else around and I said, “I would like the coffee cake” and the guy responds, “What do you mean? You mean…

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