Rapper Devilz Speciez Used My Comedy in His Latest Song

Check it out. Groundbreaking rapper/philosopher Devilz Speciez used my comedy in his latest hit!

The Wisconsin Protesters Are Damn Slobs!

Psyops at Starbucks

This is today’s Moment of Clarity. A new one comes out every Mon, Wed, & Friday. – written transcript – I went into Starbucks because there was nothing else around and I said, “I would like the coffee cake” and the guy responds, “What do you mean? You mean…

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Second Review of My New Album “Chaos For The Weary”

Whoa, I’m thrilled to have been reviewed by the popular comedy blog “Whiskey and Skittles.” Below are the Cliffs Notes of the review. The full article can be found here – http://bit.ly/e4t63s “From time to time, you hear a new comedy album or see a new comedy special on TV from a comic that changes…

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What Do Glenn Beck & Hugh Hefner Have in Common?

– written transcript – “What Do Glenn Beck & Hugh Hefner Have in Common?” by Lee Camp There’s a problem with the talking heads on our televisions and radios. And you’re probably thinking, “Lee, what are you if not a talking head?” But I’m speaking of the really big ones….

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