“Hey Millennial Generation, Get Out Of The Basement!” – MOC #49

Reviewed by SanDiego.com

I’m thrilled to say my album got another great review. Hope you’ll take a minute check it out. And thanks to everyone who has bought the album. >> Click here to view the review at SanDiego.com – http://bit.ly/iI36Zp << The aptly titled Chaos For The Weary, is the latest offering from comedian Lee Camp, which highlights the…

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“Executing An Innocent Man And Other Summertime Fun!” – MOC#48

“No One Is On The Edge Of Glory” – MOC #47

In this week’s Moment of Clarity I ask whether Lady Gaga is good for Zoloft’s profit margin.

“Top 10 Ways To Punch Big Banks In The Nads” – MOC #46