MOC #52 – Twitter Censorship Backfires Big Time! (Plus Cheri Honkala)

3 responses to “MOC #52 – Twitter Censorship Backfires Big Time! (Plus Cheri Honkala)”

  1. steve rogers says:

    having a bong every time one of your guests utters the words “you know?” is turning me into a dribbling mess.
    Love your shows though, keep the faith brother.

  2. Jho blho says:

    One of Paul Jays videos was pulled from youtube, and Jay was banned for an “agregious violation” of google’s ad policies, presumably for questioning why the capitol police were so understaffed on 1/6/21:
    Aaron Mate is the only other one to ask that question- hmmm, it must be pretty important… Welcome to our technofeudal police state.

  3. Anton says:

    Somebody should hack twitter and tweet that and see what twitter would come out with.

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