What They Won’t Tell You About The Fires In California

Redacted Tonight #169 Marketing Global Suicide, CIA Infiltrates Academia, New Docs Reveal US Supported Genocide

Most ads on TV market global suicide and we’re programmed not to see it. A profit-driven system begets media that endlessly justify consumption and fuel the slow-motion destruction of our humanity. Lee Camp reveals the U.S. support for an Indonesian genocide. Then, Natalie McGill joins Lee to discuss how churches are exploiting Hurricane Harvey and Naomi Karavani explains how and why the CÍA tried luring Iranian nuclear scientists into the U.S.

J.P M.O.R.G.A.N Paid Off Its Fine For F r a u d . . . F r a u d u l e n t l y.

16 Years In A f g h a n i s t a n … But Why?

Could 85% of America Unite Against Corporatocracy?