Redacted #50 – Media Fails, Kayaktivists Rising, & How To Steal Land From Africa!

Redacted #49 – Buying Elections, Destroying The Arctic, Worker Enslavement, & other hilarious topics

Episode #47 – I Call For Class Warfare, Expose The TPP, & Show The MSM’s Biggest Failures

Redacted #42 – The fight for a one-world corporate government, the Secret Service’s dirty secrets, and more!

Redacted #41 – The end of gov’t transparency and Taco Bell ad they don’t want you to see!

Redacted #38 – Apathy is the new black, Corporations owe YOU money and more!

Redacted Ep #37 – Videotaping factory farms is ILLEGAL, executing innocents in Texas is LEGAL & more…

Redacted Tonight #36 – Bankers BRIBED to infiltrate government, TV’s that can watch you, & standing up for activists

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Redacted #35 – JILL STEIN announces her presidential exploratory committee ON Redacted

Redacted 33 – The TRUTH about American Sniper, Obama’s State of the Union and more…

Redacted Ep #32 – Ignored Facts About the Paris Massacre, Infinite Growth, NYC Makes Dying Illegal and more…

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Redacted #31 – Crisis of Democracy, Crisis of Consumerism, & Crisis of Over-Policing

Ep #29 – Beating the big banks, 3-Day workweek could save the world, & more

Redacted Episode #28 – CIA Torture, Killer Police with Records, and the secret ingredient in EVERYTHING

PROOF That We Live In A Racist Society (or #CrimingWhileWhite)