Here’s How To Get Rid Of Big Pharma & Save $270 Billion Per Year

Big Pharma has been telling us for years to take pills, unless we want to die impotent and miserable at the age of 35. Facts are facts, especially if they’re on drug commercials. Another fact is that we can actually get rid of Big Pharma! Lee Camp explains how on Redacted Tonight.

[68] Eliminating Big Pharma, Homelessness, & Media Monopolies – Sound Good?

Big Pharma can be taken down and it wouldn’t cost that much. John Boehner resigns as Speaker of the House, Los Angeles decides to fix homelessness in case the Olympics come to town, and Abby Feldman sticks up for DEA sex parties. Also – John F. O’Donnell explains why we don’t heart protest music on the radio anymore.

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How Our All-American System Rewards Sociopaths – Redacted Tonight

Competition rewards hard work and creativity. It’s brought about innovations in medicine, technology, and even breakfast cereals! But competition also rewards slander, extortion, and sabotage. Instead of innovating, some sociopaths focus on destroying their opponents. Just look at Thomas Edison. Redacted Tonight explains.

UN Pushes Terrible Plan To End Poverty, Celebs Cheer!

A concert to save the world! That won’t save the world! Beyonce, Coldplay and Pearl Jam are joining forces for a music festival in the name of achieving Sustainable Development Goals for the UN – but really, it won’t do anything but more of the same. Lee Camp of Redacted Tonight explains.

Redacted Tonight #67 – Banning Private Prisons, Pope vs. GOP, Coke’s Propaganda, & More

It turns out competition could make losers of us all, Lee tackles multiple stories in Quick News of The Week, Coca-Cola covers up massive oil spill, and UN throws mega concert for its SDG initiative. Also – Abby Feldman pits Pope Francis against the Republican Presidential Candidates in a battle of the quotes. New Redacted Tonight!

The Greatest Threat To Free Thought!

In “The Matrix” humans are kept in pods to be harvested while their minds exist in what they THINK is “the real world.” We may be much closer to that reality than most people think. Redacted Tonight and Lee Camp explain.

US Gov’t Begins Combing Psy-Ops With Public Affairs

Psy-ops, short for psychological operations, are being used by countries all over the world to spin bad news and convince the public that everything is okay. But everything is not okay, unless you think everything is okay because you were told to. How are Psy-ops being used here and abroad? {from Redacted Tonight}

What The Rise Of Jeremy Corbyn Means For The US

This week Jeremy Corbyn was elected head of the Labour party by a landslide. Meanwhile, in the United States, the political circus continues to send in the clowns. Redacted Tonight’s Lee Camp asks if we will ever get our own Jeremy Corbyn, or is he already here?

Redacted Tonight #66 – Virtual Reality Gets Real, The Rise of Jeremy Corbyn, & more!

Redacted Tonight’s team of truth slingers break down the dangers of escapism, the rise of Jeremy Corbyn and his landslide election, and shed some light on the secret world of Psy-Ops!

There’s About To Be A Lot More Nuclear Radiation If These Guys Get Their Way [Redacted Tonight]

Nuclear radiation- it sounds scary, because for decades we’ve been told that it can kill us. Because it can. And it does. Radiation causes cancer and disease and children born with wings in a not cute way. Now the NRC, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission wants to tell us that “a little bit here and there” is not only okay- but that it’s GOOD for us. Redacted Tonight’s Lee Camp explains why this is wrong is a not cute way. (From Redacted Tonight)

You Might Be An “Unperson” & Not Even Know It (REDACTED TONIGHT)

If the safety of rich white people suddenly became threatened and all their homes and money were lost- there would be a revolution. But when it happens to “unpersons” who really cares? (from Redacted Tonight)

Dick Cheney DESTROYED By Protesters

None other than Dick Cheney was parading around Washington this week trying to get people to vote against the Iran Nuclear Deal. Luckily there were protesters present to tear him apart. You gotta see this.

Redacted Tonight #65 – Nuclear Radiation In The US, Protesters Shut Down Cheney, & Are You An Unperson?

Redacted Tonight breaks down the unhistory of unpersonhood, marvels at protesters DESTROYING Dick Cheney, and calls out the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for saying there should be MORE nuclear radiation! Also – Should Gitmo be moved to your backyard?

Pork Industry Admits To Using Banned Chemical In Meat [ Redacted Tonight ]

A growth stimulant that’s banned in 160 countries is still being used in the American pork industry. Either the rest of the world is missing out on the benefits of chemically-altered pig- or Americans are getting the hind-end of the meat market. (New from Redacted Tonight)

Foreign Countries Increasingly Control The US [Redacted Tonight]

American public opinion is swayed by foreign influences like Saudi Arabia and Turkey – who pay lobbyists who are often ex-Senators or Representatives. Those Congresspeople then influence US policy – both in back rooms and in millions of dollars worth of TV ads.