Lesser Of Two Evils Is A Lie, Shocking Police Ignorance, Global Arms Trade [REDACTED TONIGHT 111]

In this episode of Redacted Tonight, Lee Camp explains how the mainstream “liberal” pressure and shaming of free-thinkers to succumb to “voting for the lesser of two evils” is sad and, ultimately, a doomed philosophy. Lee also discusses how the Obama administration’s draconian treatment of whistleblowers has gotten to the point where it actually reflects the dystopian plot of the Joseph Heller novel, Catch-22. In light of the last of the Baltimore police involved in the Freddie Gray murder having all charges dropped, correspondent John F. O’Donnell discusses journalist Shaun King’s 25-part report on comprehensive, achievable solutions that will massively decrease police brutality in America. Correspondent Naomi Karavani reveals the insanity of how extensively the US is arming the entire world with weapons. She reveals how sick it is to say we’re peacekeepers when we’re arming all sides. This and more on Redacted Tonight.

Bernie Actually Won, Protests Rock DNC & more [REDACTED TONIGHT 110]

In this special episode of Redacted Tonight, Lee Camp reveals what REALLY went down at the DNC. He also delves into a brand new 100 page election fraud report released by “Election Justice USA” that the media has essentially blacked out. Correspondent John F. O’Donnell files a live report from Philly about where Bernie Sanders supporters are going to “Turn Their Bern” now that Hillary Clinton has gotten the nomination. Finally, correspondent Carlos Delgado explains how capitalism and natural disasters are benefiting each other, and what each presidential candidate thinks about this situation. This and more on Redacted Tonight.

RNC Madness, The TRUTH About The Secret 28 Pages, CIA Targeting Women [REDACTED TONIGHT 109]

This week, Lee covers the Republican National Circus, the recently released 28 pages that were redacted from the 9/11 commission report. Then Naomi Karavani reviews the CIA’s program to recruit more women. Correspondent Carlos Delgado presents politicians we can have faith in besides candidates for president. This and more on Redacted Tonight.

Cops Arrest People Filming Them, Bernie’s Movement Lives On & more [Redacted Tonight 108]

In this explosive episode of Redacted Tonight, host Lee Camp tears the police a new asshole for their murderous behavior and makes sure that white people know that they need to stop making it about themselves. Team Redacted also delves into Bernie Sanders’ deal with the devil of endorsing Hillary Clinton. Lee vents about the insanity of Bernie’s ringing endorsement. And then correspondent John F. O’Donnell shows up to explain how Hillary is now using Bernie to mind fuck YOU. Finally, correspondent Naomi Karavin present a how-to guide for the best procedures to film the police.

ANOTHER Stanford Study Shows Election Fraud, CNN Is Helping Terrorists, Big Coal Collapse [Redacted Tonight 107]

In this week’s episode of Redacted Tonight, Lee Camp reveals a new damning Stanford University study showing that major voting machine companies actually donated heavily to the Clinton Foundation AND produced non-verifiable electronic voting results that drastically favored Hillary in an absurd contrast to 337 pre-election polls. Lee also shows how CNN is not only helping to prop up ISIS, but is giving them tips on how to strike the US. Plus, he breaks down just how crazy large America’s trash creation is. Redacted Correspondent John F. O’Donnell presents a segment about how Big Coal is robbing it’s employees of their pensions and benefits, while at the same time sticking the US taxpayers with the responsibility of paying to clean up their environmental messes. And Redacted Correspondent Carlos Delgado shows up in studio to discuss the “Dark Act” that is trying to undermine states’ ability to label GMOs.

Election Fraud Lawsuit, DNC Rejects Bernie Platform, Racist Algorithm Imprisons People [Redacted Tonight 106]

In this week’s episode Lee discusses the lawsuit filed to stop the certification of the California primary. Also the DNC rejected every step to deal with climate change. Lee also explains the hidden story behind Brexit. Naomi Karavani and Lee discuss the newest in criminal algorithm technology. Also – Carlos Delgado breaks down the privatization of ambulance services on this episode of Redacted Tonight.

Trump Rape Case, Hacked Docs Reveal DNC Collusion, Google Rigging Searches & more [Redacted Tonight 105]

In this week’s episode Lee discusses what should Bernie supporters do now that the mainstream media has written off other candidates. He also reveals recent proof that shows how Google influenced the primary towards Hillary. John and Lee discuss the new trend of poverty denial and how it impacts America’s poorer citizens. Also – Naomi discusses the latest in attacks against net neutrality.

Stanford Study Sees Election Fraud, Fox News Beyond Laughable, Muhammad Ali Whitewashed [Redacted Tonight #104]

In this week’s episode Lee covers a new Standford study suggesting election fraud. He also covers how Fox news isn’t actually worth making fun of. Carlos and Lee discuss the current fiasco regarding the American gun debate. Also – John honors the late Muhammad Ali and explains how we may be whitewashing his legacy.

Corporate Media Has Complete Collapse Over Hillary Nomination, Hillary’s Lawsuit & More [Redacted Tonight #103] (click to watch)

In this episode of Redacted Tonight, host Lee Camp reveals video of lawyers who have proof that there was election fraud in California that could overturn the primary. As the establishment candidate, Hillary Clinton has benefited from voter disenfranchisement all over the country, while Bernie Sanders, the insurgent candidate, has been disadvantaged. Furthermore, the corporate mainstream media like MSNBC and CNN have been “all in” for Hillary from the start, which Lee further exposes by showing that the MSM is rushing to “coronate” Hillary as the Democratic presidential nominee. After the break, correspondent Naomi Karavani joins Lee to discuss the messed up situation happening in Louisiana right now where the state is so bankrupt that they can’t afford to pay district attorneys to represent poor people in a timely fashion. That’s right, a cornerstone of our American values, Habeas Corpus, is going by the wayside! Also, correspondent Carlos Delgado presents a segment about how Puerto Rico has also been disenfranchised in this presidential primary too. Yes, Puerto Rico is a part of our primary process, because they’re a territory of the US. It has 67 delegates. Finally, correspondent John F. O’Donnell rounds things out by giving Bernie Sanders supports some perspective on the revolution.

Superdelegates Don’t Matter, Hillary’s Potential Jail Time & More [Redacted Tonight #102]

Watch Lee continue election coverage that you won’t see on the mainstream media. Many networks are declaring an end to the Democratic Primary Race, but they forget one important detail: the date that the Democratic Superdelegates vote. Hillary’s e-mail scandal is also far from over. Then Lee takes on the US drone program. Correspondent John F. O’Donnell digs into a potentially deadly corporate merger led by Monsanto. Then Naomi Karavani reports on American policies which have led us to into a Second Nuclear Age. This and more on Redacted Tonight.


In the new episode of Redacted Tonight, Lee Camp covers new evidence of election fraud!. And it’s not good news. Exit polls which are an indicator of functioning democratic elections essentially gave the United States a failing rating. Elections boards are desperately struggling to explain themselves as peoples ballots go uncounted and the voting machines are getting it wrong. Then correspondent Naomi Karavani reveals Congress’ struggle with technology basics and Carlos Delgado covers the brief and wondrous life of a famous philanthropist, Prince. This and more on Redacted Tonight.

CNN Becomes Laughing Stock As Thousands Demand Bernie Coverage

This week, Lee Camp covers how CNN purposefully slights Bernie Sanders in their election programming. While a protest was occurring outside CNN headquarters, CNN continued to broadcast useless information. What is really behind this lack of Bernie coverage? This and more on Redacted Tonight.

Redacted Tonight 94 – #OccupyCNN Surges, Bernie Predicted The Panama Papers, & School Segregation Continues

In this Episode of Redacted Tonight, Lee opens with the CNN protest over Bernie Sander’s campaign coverage, then he talks about the the rise of lobbying at the state level. Then Naomi Karavani reveals where the most segregated schools are in the United States. Carlos Delgado uncovers unethical banking practices. And Lee closes the show with a discussion of the Panama Papers. This and more on Redacted Tonight.

Redacted Tonight #93 – Bernie Getting Cheated, U.S. Arming Both Sides, & Much More” [Comedy/ News]

In this Episode of Redacted Tonight, Lee explains how voter suppression is back and in a big way. Then we review the most important news hits of the week including: The DOJ’s investigation into Blackwater and how the US has funded Syrian rebels to fight each other. Carlos Delgado explains why the sharing economy is declining. Also – John F. O’Donnell reports on western skewed terrorism news coverage.

Redacted Tonight #92- Truth About The Drug War, Hillary’s Emails Are Being Censored, You Are Not Free & more

In this Episode of Redacted Tonight, the team covers the beloved F-word: Freedom. Lee covers how the ideal of freedom has been adopted and mutated by the government and elites. Then we report the most important news of the week: what is really behind the drug war and we finally discover what is going on in Hillary Clinton’s e-mails. John F. O’Donnell explains a Georgia Bill that promotes religious “freedom” at the expense of the gay community. And Naomi Karavani reveals the how the Freedom of Information Act has been abused at historic levels by this administration.