Redacted Tonight #86 – Dildos Thrown At TPP Officials, Military Budget Outrage, Bad Cops Kept Secret

In this Episode of Redacted Tonight, Lee explains why everything we know is a lie. Then, cities and cops make a crooked contract, the economic minister of New Zealand gets a rubber surprise, Julian Assange continues to by unjustly detained, and Naomi Karavani breaks down the Pentagon’s 2017 budget. Also – John F. O’Donnell investigates the alternatives to voting Democrat or Republican.

Redacted Tonight #85 – TPP Signed, Nestle Admits Slavery, Bernie Momentum & More

In this episode of Redacted Tonight, Lee Camp rips into the establishment about the shady signing of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. It’s a legit “Thanks, Obama” moment. He also explores the fraud and just general insanity of the Iowa Caucus. Correspondent, John F. O’Donnell, visits Lee at the desk to breakdown how undemocratic and unethical the entities known as “Superdelegates” are. In the second half of the show, Lee goes into extra dark territory, discussing how Nestle, one of the most evil multi-nationals out there, freakin’ ADMITTED to using slave labor. Then correspondent, Carlos Delgado, presents his field piece about how the Big Opioid Industry crushed prescription drug reform. Plus more!

LEAKED: Hillary Reacts To Bernie’s Surge!

Hillary Clinton accidentally revealed her true feelings about Bernie Sanders’s surge.
– Created and written by the Redacted Tonight team. You’ve heard of “Hitler Reacts” – well, this is Hillary Reacts.

7 INSANE Things We Act Like Are Normal [Comedy & News] – from Redacted Tonight

There’s a term in the military for when they go into an area with one goal, such as eliminating a terror cell, and then the goal becomes bigger and wider until we’re building Starbucks on every Iraqi street corner. This term is “mission creep.” Lee Camp asks, what happens when our government and media start to introduce more and more crazy things? Do we accept it? This and more on Redacted Tonight.

Bernie Sanders CRUSHES Obama’s Latest Corporate Shill Nominee [Comedy/ News]

Bernie Sanders put a hold on Obama’s latest corporate shill nominee to the FDA… And he didn’t do it in a polite way either. Also, last week NY governor Andrew Cuomo gave an important bank watchdog position to Maria Vullo, a corporate lawyer who previously made her living defending financial institutions. I explain further on this episode of Redacted Tonight.

Redacted Tonight #84 – Hillary Bankrolled By Goldman Sachs, Boston Solves Homelessness, & #WomenNotObjects

Hillary Clinton was apparently payed MILLIONS by the big banks, Boston has fixed its homeless veteran issue in a SHOCKING way, the hidden TRUTH about the massive California leak, and so much more on this week’s Redacted Tonight.

REVEALED: Hillary Clinton On Payroll Of Big Banks! [Comedy/News]

Hillary Clinton was reported to have made a TON of money, to the tune of 2.9 million dollars, for giving a dozen speeches to financial institutions. And, we’re not talking your ma and pa local community bank. No. The same folks who lead us to the financial collapse of 2008. For that much money, wouldn’t Hillary be in the banks’ pockets? This and more on Redacted Tonight.

Trump Scientifically Proven To Be The Dumbest Presidential Candidate

One would hope that our elected officials are able to communicate at what many would consider an adult level – ESPECIALLY the potential President of the United States. Well, after a few brave souls begrudgingly analyzed his speeches, it turns out Donald Trump speaks at a fourth grade level. Lee Camp explains why this is not only ridiculous, but predictable. This and more on Redacted Tonight.

How The Pollution Of Flint Is About Crushing Democracy [Comedy/ News]

Flint Michigan is in the midst of the most severe water crisis this country has ever seen. And, you guessed it, it’s all thanks to corporate greed. Sure, Flint’s water has been contaminated with lead and other toxins for years, but it wasn’t until Flint’s emergency manager decided to switch the city’s water supply from Detroit to the poisoned Flint that stuff started hitting the fan. Lee Camp explains. This and more on Redacted Tonight.

We Called What’s Happening In Flint, Michigan Several Months Ago [WATCH]

Flint, Michigan is basically a corporate sacrifice zone – Areas of this country that are polluted and destroyed by corporations. Those areas are almost always filled with poor people – and often people of color. Flint, Michigan is exactly the same. And we talked about this topic several months ago on Redacted Tonight. Take a look.

Redacted Tonight #83 – Feminism, Sanders, Michigan Poisoning & More [Comedy/News]

In this Episode of Redacted Tonight, Lee explains why feminism effects us all. Then, Donald Trump apparently speaks at a fourth grade level, Flint Michigan is in the middle of a water crisis brought about by corporate greed, and Naomi Karavani gives the scoop on what really happened to the U.S. sailors in Iran. Also – John F. O’Donnell crashed the Democratic Primary debate and talks to KILLER MIKE and Governor O’Malley.

You Don’t Have Freedom Of Choice – Here’s Why [Comedy/ News]

When a handful of corporations own most of the media, we are not making our own choices – Our decisions are nudged by a corporate agenda. Lee Camp explains how our freedom of choice may not be so free after all. This and more comedy news on Redacted Tonight.

Redacted Tonight #82 – The Lies of The State of The Union, Bernie Sanders, & More

In this Episode of Redacted Tonight, Lee Camp explains how our freedom of choice may not be as free as we think. Then he shreds through Obama’s final State of The Union, righteously shames the corrupt Judge Ciavarella who just got locked away for imprisoning minors for $, and then Redacted correspondent Carlos Delgado presents his investigation about the latest ICE raids. Also – Redacted correspondent John F. O’Donnell breaks down why Bernie Sanders is getting “black out” of coverage from the corporate media.

Federal Government ADMITS Weed Kills Cancer [Comedy/ News]

On the state level, the legalization of marijuana has become a sweeping trend. Currently 23 states and DC have legalized it to some extent or another. However, the federal government still classifies cannabis as a schedule 1 drug, claiming, among other things, that it has no medicinal properties. This is total insanity! Find out how the federal government admitted weed kills cancer in this highly censored story. From Redacted Tonight.

Redacted Tonight #81 – The Stories The Mainstream Media Won’t Touch! [Comedy News]

In this year’s first episode of Redacted Tonight, Lee takes a look at the most censored stories of this past year – including autonomous killer robots, geoengineering, and the mainstream media was caught manipulating the news. Carlos Delgado reports on the latest NSA operations that continue to invade our privacy. Also – John F. O’Donnell explains how the FDA is squashing finding that cannabinoids kill cancer cells.

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