Redacted Tonight #158-CIA Fesses Up, Pentagon Admits End of Empire, Rikers Abuse Revealed

Lee Camp opens with the direction of the CIA, which seems backwards. In an interview, CIA director Mike Pompeo told an enormous amount of truth about America’s plan to repeat many of their foreign policy mistakes over and over again. Host Lee Camp lambasts Pompeo’s surprisingly transparent responses about his plans for the Middle East and hunting terrorists and his attitudes toward Wikileaks. Then Lee covers the absurdity of other recent news stories. A fear mongering Pentagon report on our country’s empire falling apart, leads the institution to believe we should keep on feeding the American war machine. Congress could be dangerously close to putting free speech—particularly political activist speech—on the chopping block if the AIPAC sponsored BDS bill passes. An American company in Wisconsin is about take away the remaining privacy its workers have left by installing microchips in their hands. Then the American presence in Syria has made the place more dangerous, and pulling back might be the only obvious solution. He also covers recent news on industrial use of greenhouse gases and renewable energy, Bolivia’s second independence from American companies, and DAPL protesters courageously resisting corporate control. Then, in the second half, correspondent John F. O’Donnell joins Lee at the desk to discuss the censorship at Jeff Bezos-owned Washington Post. All WashPo journalists have freedom to report on whatever they want–as long as that reporting never speaks ill of Big Pharma companies, Big Banks, and whatever “Big” thing doling them money for advertising. Finally correspondent Naomi Karavani reports on the long overdue plan to close Rikers Island prison in New York City, which has some depressing shortcomings while “torture island” continues to ruin the lives of inmates, many of whom have been convicted of no crime. This and more on Redacted Tonight.

Redacted #157 – CNN Propaganda, Cops Are Addicts, Goldman Sachs Takes Over [VIDEO]

Redacted Tonight #156 Wall Street Pillaging Continues, Major Facebook Leak, & more

Lee Camp gives you the story behind the news, that lately, has not amounted to not much more than smokescreens rather than useful information for the country. No one is more entertained by the news than Wall Street CEOs. What could be more useful to the elite who would like to secretly run the country? When Trump makes a stupid mistake which happens like clockwork it distracts from the struggle of marginalized groups in the country. Any discussion of real reform is pushed aside to discuss Trump’s pratfalls and bumbling statements. Then he reports on alarming news that many are applauding as good news when an Amazon Echo called the police. Lee explores how one feel-good story is the beginning of a slippery slope to a world of trouble we never intended with smart home technology. Then Camp moves on to discuss the Reverend Ed Pinkney’s struggle to expose Whirlpool’s discriminatory hiring practices in his hometown of Benton Harbor, Michigan. He was eventually incarcerated for attempting to stand up to the appliance manufacturing giant. Then Correspondent Naomi Karavani joins Lee at the desk to discuss the recently leaked internal documents that reveal Facebook’s shocking and asinine censorship policies that have had black activists banned and privilege whites and elites. Finally Correspondent Natalie McGill discusses the fountain of cash flowing from soda companies to lawmakers so that they can protect their markets and advertising in poor and minority communities, while their products are nearly lethal considering the rates of cardiovascular diseases, like diabetes, in these communities. This and more on this episode of Redacted Tonight.

Redacted Tonight #155 New Lies For Wars, July 4th Hypocrisy, & Why History Repeats Itself

Lee Camp explores how the mainstream media shunned any investigative reporting into the REAL reason why Trump bombed Syria. Not only did it have nothing to do with a chemical attack, but evidence suggests there wasn’t a chemical attack to begin with. Yet that didn’t stop the media from feeding its never ending obsession with war. Next, on the heels of our nation’s 241st birthday, Lee reminds us that those miniature American flags we wave aren’t just cheaply made symbols of patriotism. They’re actually reminders of the death of an American labor force replaced by overseas workers who are paid pittance to make them, thanks to corporations who could care less about Americans and care a lot more about deepening their already fat pockets. In the second half, Correspondent John F. O’Donnell joins Lee at the desk to discuss whether the violence wrought in the Revolutionary War was the only door open to America for gaining its independence, or if the evidence of nonviolent action that preceded battle suggests we could have achieved this much more peacefully. Finally, Correspondent Naomi Karavani exposes how Bush administration officials got a free pass for crapping over the human rights of thousands of innocent immigrants detained following 9/11. All this and more on the latest episode of Redacted Tonight.

Redacted Tonight #154 Healthcare Debate Fraud, White House Secrecy Beyond Belief & More

Lee Camp begins by dissecting America’s worst ailment: the health care debate. The debate is an illusion that diverts from the truth: single-payer is completely possible but somehow not part of this daily theater of back and forth between the GOP and the Democrats. The ACA, may seem like a step in the right direction but it’s actually serving insurance CEO’s more than the ill Americans. Letting people live shouldn’t be up for debate. What will it take to provide universal health care in the only industrialized country that doesn’t have it already? Then, Lee digs into government secrecy as the current White House delivers statements via audio via the House’s lawn shrubbery via an completely ignorant press secretary, Sean Spicer. It may seem absurd, but it’s not that hairbrained when you think about the trajectory that the executive branch has been taking in recent years under Obama to conceal government decision-making. Although Obama may have intended to be the most transparent President in history, his two terms were the most impossibly opaque to date. Next correspondent Natalie McGill covers the latest news on something that is going to affect everyone’s access information and worst, sexual pleasure: the internet may no longer be free. The anti net neutrality side has been beefing up their squad with automated bots trying to sway the FCC vote, and of course hefty donations from their corporate coffers. Finally, correspondent John F. O’Donnell covers the inauguration day (J20) demonstrator’s day in court. Mostly peaceful protesters are facing multiple felony charges, which hold draconian punishments, and up to 75 years in jail! Alongside this is a lawsuit that alleges gross police misconduct. This unconstitutional crackdown on free speech and protest is a chilling trend that is spreading all over the country. This and more on Redacted Tonight.

Redacted Tonight #153-Amazon Is Not What It Seems, Killer Cop Gets Acquitted, DEA Disaster & more

Lee Camp tears Amazon and CEO Jeff Bezos a new one. He explains the true “cost of convenience” when it comes to the online retailer behemoth. Amazon is quickly taking over our lives and homes. It may sound extreme, but now with their $14 billion purchase of Whole Foods, Amazon is leaping into the “IRL” sphere. The plan is most likely to induce more people to pay to become Prime members by offering deals on food. Amazon controls a huge amount of online sales traffic and now they’re getting into the food sphere, combine that with the reality that they have a $600 million contract with the CIA and that Bezos owns the Washington Post, and it’s certainly time to push back and try to divest. Next, Lee presents a new segment called, “What You Won’t Hear.” He delves into stories the mainstream media may cover, but definitely won’t give you the full story. He talks about the police officer’s acquittal in the Philando Castile murder trial, as well as a massive carbon-sucking machine in Switzerland. In the second half of the show, correspondent John F. O’Donnell joins Lee at the desk to break down a new report by the NGO, Save the Children, entitled, “The End of Childhood Index.” The international child’s rights organization did a comparative analysis of 172 countries to determine the best and worst countries to be a child. Where the US ranks will certainly surprise you. Finally, correspondent Naomi Karavani files a scathing report about the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). Naomi delves into a botched drug operation the DEA embarked upon in Mexico. They recklessly shared confidential information that led directly to a massacre. A Propublica report, which largely went under the radar, spotlights the DEA’s role. Naomi also highlights an incident with the DEA in Honduras where they misled congress and the DOJ about fatal shootings. All of this on episode #153 of Redacted Tonight!

Redacted Tonight 152-How America Is Being Sold Off, Richest 5 Men Own Half The World & More

Lee Camp reveals what’s in store for the future of our nation’s infrastructure. Things are looking grim, as Trump plans for wide-scale privatization of our bridges, tunnels, and roads. This means our travel, safety, and health will be put into the hands of corporate entities that care about profit well above our well-being. Lee also delves into how our country is being sold for parts to foreign conglomerates and nation-states. Then Lee moves on to discuss a shocking new report on how the world’s wealth is becoming even more inequitable. The 5 richest men in the world now have the same amount of wealth as HALF OF THE WORLD’S POPULATION. That’s 5 people with as much as 3 BILLION PEOPLE! Beyond being a psychotic representation of greed, it’s also incredibly unstable for the world. In the second half of the show, correspondent Naomi Karavani joins Lee at the desk to discuss leaked documents that expose a conservative foundation’s plan to consolidate power. It’s the Bradley Foundation and their tactics include crushing unions, especially in blue states where they wield an enormous amount of power. The Bradley Foundation influences the government to pass so-called “Right to Work Laws” and breaks apart unions, all while operating under the guise of being a charity. Finally, correspondent Natalie McGill investigates how a chemical that scientists acknowledge is very harmful to human beings is somehow in countless everyday products we use. They’re known as PFCs and they’re a dangerous, unregulated substance. But that doesn’t keep them from being in your shampoo and water. All of this on the new Redacted Tonight!

[151] The Jobs Will Be Gone Soon, Sustainable Energy & Marijuana Booming – NEW REDACTED TONIGHT

Counter-Terrorism Mercenaries Used Against Standing Rock, State Dept On-Air Slip Up & more: REDACTED TONIGHT 150!

The Social Media Platform Facebook REALLY Doesn’t Want You To Know About! Redacted: VIP

Redacted Tonight 149 False Scarcity, Confederate Statues, Julian Assange, & Federal Urine Tests

Lee Camp breaks down one of the most harmful lies that is being told and retold, that of “scarcity.” In an era of abundance and technological advances, advertising and corporations help reinforce this lie which leaves millions of Americans without basic needs. What will people come up with next to justify not helping the poor, sick, and starving? Then Lee reports on the disappearance of Confederate statues in the South and why people are mourning this loss. Then, we learn Julian Assange is finally cleared of the sexual assault allegations against him, but will he be treated fairly by the US government? As much as everyone is obsessed with the glowing orb, the more important story is about the weapons deal made at the Trump-Saudi meeting. In the second half of the show, correspondent Naomi Karavani joins Lee at the desk to report on a pro-Trump conservative media company, the Sinclair Broadcasting group, which is set to become the largest owner of local news stations in the country. Finally, correspondent Natalie McGill reports on Congress’ recent decision to add hurdles in the form of drug tests to unemployment benefits. This and more on Redacted Tonight.

All Charges Against Julian Assange Dropped!

[62] Could Humankind Be On The Brink Of A Major Evolution?! Author Daniel Pinchbeck

In this episode of Redacted Tonight VIP, Lee Camp interviews best-selling author, Daniel Pinchbeck, about his new book, ‘How Soon Is Now?’ Pinchbeck really delves into and identifies the present-day existential crisis that humankind if grappling with. He talks with Lee about how, although this is a scary and dangerous time in many ways, there is also a monumental opportunity to make a giant push forward in evolution. Instead of staying on a course that will lead to our utter distraction and extinction, we can, instead, reinvent society in an equitable, regenerative and sustainable way. We can move to a post-capitalist world via a revolution of consciousness. In the second half of the episode, Lee tears into Donald Trump for his continued reckless behavior. This time it’s concerning Trump’s selling of $460 billion of weapons to Saudi Arabia over the next 10 years. Lee points out that Trump is not only continuing to arm one of the most repressive regimes on the planet to the teeth, but that he’s also completely contradicting himself. Lee delves into the tragedy and vicious human-rights violations currently happening in Yemen, led by Saudi Arabia and largely funded by the U.S.

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Income Inequality Is Through The Roof, Where Is The Mainstream Media??

[148] Gov’t Literally Puts Pig Shit Before Voters, MSNBC Becomes Fox News, Trump Impeachment & More

In this latest episode of Redacted Tonight, Lee Camp reveals a foul smelling situation in North Carolina that has implications for environmental justice everywhere. The state’s legislators overrode their governor’s veto of a bill that would make it difficult for residents to sue pig factory farms that literally spray swine feces into the air. The air may be hazy with the stench of pig poop, but the state’s choice of corporate industry profits over their constituents’ health and well-being is crystal clear. Later Lee covers how late to the game the Washington Post is on reporting about the income inequality that Occupy Wall Street protesters have been shouting about for years. In the second half, Correspondent Natalie McGill joins Lee at the desk to reveal the government’s latest strategy of suing the working class to recoup student loan debt, when going after their paychecks and benefits wasn’t enough. Finally, Correspondent John F. O’Donnell shows how MSNBC, corporate America’s left wing media refuge, is now embracing right-wing pundits all in an effort to cater to parent company and evil telecom monopoly Comcast. This and more on the latest Redacted Tonight.

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