Proof Big Banks Knew 2008 Crisis Was Coming, War Is For Corporate Gains & More [REDACTED TONIGHT 119]

Lee Camp explores the crazy reality of endless war. The crazy reality that America is essentially driven by armed conflict. And these wars are not to defend ourselves or to spread democracy. They’re, instead, for resources and imperial power. Then Lee reveals the new-found explicit proof that the major bankers KNEW that the 2008 financial collapse was coming, even though they testified in front of Congress saying they had no idea. This damning evidence should be more than enough to throw these sociopaths in jail. But will it? Next, keeping with the big banks theme, correspondent John F. O’Donnell joins Lee at the desk to discuss the despicable behavior of Wells Fargo. They discuss if public outrage may finally be loud enough to force a bank CEO to step down and even be prosecuted. Finally, correspondent Naomi Karavani files a report on the Coal Ash companies and how they’re indiscriminately dumping it all over and how the EPA isn’t doing their job to stop them. This and more on Redacted Tonight.

Censored Topics In Pres. Debate, DNC Admits Rigging, Dakota Protesters Raided [REDACTED TONIGHT 118]

Lee Camp breaks down the first 2016 Presidential Debate. He covers the crucial issues that were absurdly missing from the debate; issues that are, in fact, the most pressing for our nation and the world. Also, correspondent John F. O’Donnell infiltrates the presidential debate like a troll-god. He messes with the heads of some of the most powerful American politicians alive, and they have no freakin’ idea.Then Lee Camp gives updates on both the lawsuit against the Democratic National Committee for rigging the primary election against Bernie Sanders, and the militaristic measures taken against the Dakota Access Pipeline clean-water defenders. Finally, Correspondent Naomi Karavani reveals the intensifying “War on Cash.”

Major Dark Money Leak!, Marijuana Legalization, Hacktivists Attacked [REDACTED TONIGHT 117]

In this episode of Redacted Tonight, Lee Camp presents, “The Dark Money Special Report.” He explains in infuriating hilarity the insane new leak showing just how corrupt Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is. This leak reveals how deeply tied into a dark money web he really is. This corruption has far-reaching implications for what’s happening in our country, as our democracy continues to be hijacked by corporate, pay to play, quid pro quo, special interests. Lee also explains how money in politics is destroying us. And he provides a new and exciting solution for how we can turn things around. It’s called the “Clean Money Candidate Certificate.” Keep an eye out for more on that! In the second half of the show, correspondent John F. O’Donnell joins Lee at the desk to lend exposure to the plight of UK Hacktivist and political organizer, Lauri Love. The US is actually trying to extradite him to the States, where he would face up to 99 years in prison for “political protest hacks” that hurt nobody. Then correspondent Naomi Karavani presents her “raging controversy” report about how Big Pharma is really behind keeping marijuana illegal.

New DNC Leak, Occupy 5th Anniversary, Military Buildup In Africa [REDACTED TONIGHT 116]

Lee Camp looks back at the geopolitical fallout of 9/11 fifteen years year. He also delves into the legacy of Occupy Wall Street, as it marks its five year anniversary. Then Lee covers how President Obama is ignoring pleas from top economists and lawyers to stop the harmful Trans Pacific Partnership international trade deal. He also covers the teachers strike at Long Island University and what it means for the students attending the school. He then breaks down the new leak from the DNC of General Colin Powell’s personal email. Correspondent Naomi Karavani joins Lee at the desk to discuss how the US is secretly militarizing Africa with already disastrous results. And Correspondent John F. O’Donnell reports on rape culture on college campuses. This and more on Redacted Tonight.

Greg Palast Reveals New MASSIVE Election Scam! (via Redacted Tonight)

palast_memeInvestigative reporter Greg Palast (that’s right – one of them still exists) reveals a MASSIVE election scam that no one  is talking about! This very well could hand this upcoming election to many down-ballot Republicans, or even Trump himself. And guess what – You don’t have to love Hillary Clinton to want a legit election. Watch my interview with Greg from Redacted Tonight to learn more and then watch his new movie “The Best Democracy Money Can Buy.”

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For The First Minute of This Video, I Thought This Girl Was an Awesome Anti-Trump Protester. Then I realized She’s the BEST EVER!

This anti-Trump protester was interviewed yesterday in Washington DC outside a Trump hotel. How great is she???

Polls Are False, Bernie’s “Our Revolution” Sells Out, DAPL Protests Get INSANE [REDACTED TONIGHT 115]

Lee Camp covers the ongoing struggle of the Native Americans of Standing Rock Reservation to stop the Dakota Access oil pipeline from tearing through their sacred land. This week the corporation “Energy Transfer” actually sicced dogs on the protesters. FREAKIN’ DOGS!! Is this 1950’s Birmingham, Alabama??!! Lee also covers just how rigged and skewed the presidential polls are. It’s truly ridiculous and terribly biased against the 3rd party candidates in ways you may not have even realized. Redacted then delves into the release of yet another iPhone and what that means for Americans compared to the Chinese people who labor away at making them in repressive conditions. Next, correspondent John F. O’Donnell joins Lee at the desk to breakdown what’s up with Bernie Sanders’ new non-profit, “Our Revolution,” and why it’s alienating people in the movement. Correspondent Naomi Karavani presents a report on the cray cray earthquake situation in Oklahoma because it’s being fracked to death. Enjoy and spread the word! 

Media Censorship Hits New Level, New Leak Shows Collusion Against BLM, Huge Prison Strike [REDACTED TONIGHT 114]

Lee Camp covers how 3rd party candidates, like the Green’s Jill Stein, are not only getting marginalized but also CENSORED. PBS Newshour, which has a good reputation generally, actually cut Jill Stein’s interview with them in a bizarre way to make her look insane. Also, Lee does a news medley rundown of crucial stories, including a Democratic party leak concerning how to “deal with” Black Lives Matter, Trump and the human urine connection, and prisoners across the country unifying in strike to reclaim their human rights and escape, essentially, slave labor. Correspondent Naomi Karavani joins Lee at the desk to discuss how the Pentagon has just revealed that the leader of ISIS, al-Baghdadi, was actually in the notorious US torture prison in Iraq, Abu Ghraib. And Correspondent John F. O’Donnell files a report on the Redacted aspects of the Colin Kaepernick National Anthem media firestorm, including the super racist, lesser known 3rd verse of the Star-Spangled Banner.

Lawsuit Against DNC, Army Misplaces Trillions, #NoDAPL Bigger Than Expected [REDACTED TONIGHT 113]

In this episode of Redacted Tonight, Lee Camp covers the movement of change that is shaking the foundations of American corporate oligarchy, though Hillary Clinton is still projected to win the election. Then Lee covers recent news about Hillary’s promises, a lawsuit on behalf of Bernie Sanders’ supporters against the DNC, the missing parts of the military budget, and the multiplying front groups for the Koch brothers. Then Correspondent John F. O’Donnell covers the recent decision to end the use of private prisons by the DOJ. Finally, correspondent Naomi Karavani reveals why it is important to pay attention to the floods in Louisiana. This and more on Redacted Tonight.

3rd Parties Blocked, Innocent Man To Be Executed, Election Fraud Is Child’s Play & more [REDACTED TONIGHT 112]

In this episode of Redacted Tonight, Lee Camp covers the protest against a potentially disastrous oil pipeline which would cut through Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota. Lee also discusses the latest in election news: Google search manipulation in favor Hillary, Julian Assange’s suggestion that a DC staffer was likely murdered for leaking DNC e-mails, and an election judge’s allegations that the election could really, really easily be rigged. Lee also talks about inmate Jeff Wood who is about to be unjustly executed in Texas, despite never having killed anyone. Then guest correspondent Natalie McGill reports on McDonald’s latest venture into setting up show inside hospitals. And finally, Correspondent John F. O’Donnell discusses the rise of the third parties and their uphill battle to getting access to presidential debates. This and more on Redacted Tonight.

Lesser Of Two Evils Is A Lie, Shocking Police Ignorance, Global Arms Trade [REDACTED TONIGHT 111]

In this episode of Redacted Tonight, Lee Camp explains how the mainstream “liberal” pressure and shaming of free-thinkers to succumb to “voting for the lesser of two evils” is sad and, ultimately, a doomed philosophy. Lee also discusses how the Obama administration’s draconian treatment of whistleblowers has gotten to the point where it actually reflects the dystopian plot of the Joseph Heller novel, Catch-22. In light of the last of the Baltimore police involved in the Freddie Gray murder having all charges dropped, correspondent John F. O’Donnell discusses journalist Shaun King’s 25-part report on comprehensive, achievable solutions that will massively decrease police brutality in America. Correspondent Naomi Karavani reveals the insanity of how extensively the US is arming the entire world with weapons. She reveals how sick it is to say we’re peacekeepers when we’re arming all sides. This and more on Redacted Tonight.

Bernie Actually Won, Protests Rock DNC & more [REDACTED TONIGHT 110]

In this special episode of Redacted Tonight, Lee Camp reveals what REALLY went down at the DNC. He also delves into a brand new 100 page election fraud report released by “Election Justice USA” that the media has essentially blacked out. Correspondent John F. O’Donnell files a live report from Philly about where Bernie Sanders supporters are going to “Turn Their Bern” now that Hillary Clinton has gotten the nomination. Finally, correspondent Carlos Delgado explains how capitalism and natural disasters are benefiting each other, and what each presidential candidate thinks about this situation. This and more on Redacted Tonight.

RNC Madness, The TRUTH About The Secret 28 Pages, CIA Targeting Women [REDACTED TONIGHT 109]

This week, Lee covers the Republican National Circus, the recently released 28 pages that were redacted from the 9/11 commission report. Then Naomi Karavani reviews the CIA’s program to recruit more women. Correspondent Carlos Delgado presents politicians we can have faith in besides candidates for president. This and more on Redacted Tonight.

Cops Arrest People Filming Them, Bernie’s Movement Lives On & more [Redacted Tonight 108]

In this explosive episode of Redacted Tonight, host Lee Camp tears the police a new asshole for their murderous behavior and makes sure that white people know that they need to stop making it about themselves. Team Redacted also delves into Bernie Sanders’ deal with the devil of endorsing Hillary Clinton. Lee vents about the insanity of Bernie’s ringing endorsement. And then correspondent John F. O’Donnell shows up to explain how Hillary is now using Bernie to mind fuck YOU. Finally, correspondent Naomi Karavin present a how-to guide for the best procedures to film the police.

ANOTHER Stanford Study Shows Election Fraud, CNN Is Helping Terrorists, Big Coal Collapse [Redacted Tonight 107]

In this week’s episode of Redacted Tonight, Lee Camp reveals a new damning Stanford University study showing that major voting machine companies actually donated heavily to the Clinton Foundation AND produced non-verifiable electronic voting results that drastically favored Hillary in an absurd contrast to 337 pre-election polls. Lee also shows how CNN is not only helping to prop up ISIS, but is giving them tips on how to strike the US. Plus, he breaks down just how crazy large America’s trash creation is. Redacted Correspondent John F. O’Donnell presents a segment about how Big Coal is robbing it’s employees of their pensions and benefits, while at the same time sticking the US taxpayers with the responsibility of paying to clean up their environmental messes. And Redacted Correspondent Carlos Delgado shows up in studio to discuss the “Dark Act” that is trying to undermine states’ ability to label GMOs.