New Redacted Tonight – [146] DNC Fraud Suit, Obama Shows His Corruption, Trump Still Sucks (click to watch)

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  1. D

    Thank You, Lee Camp. The way you handled The Daily Show was perfect and you deserve a big thank you! There is nothing worse than a person who supports corruption and pretends he's not supporting corruption. Keep telling the truth! Again, Thank You.

  2. Shaney

    President Obama thinks he can bomb Afghanistan,because,after all,the Nobel Peace Prize is named after Alfred Nobel,the inventor of dynamite. Sincerely, Shane Fistell

  3. Shaney

    Dear Mr.Camp, NEWS OF THE FUTURE- The D.N.C election fraud suit comes with padded shoulders and padded pockets. D.N.C. thought 'impartial' meant not partial to impartial . Donald Trump's wall is 'Wall Street South. Donald Trump boasts that he made jobs for Americans when they build his wall. (No free-loading migrant workers). Donald Trump's wall re-purposes Berlin Wall parts to build his wall. Use of the words 'lamb-basting', and 'scapegoating' outlawed when shaming hungry school children. All the Best, Shane Fistell

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