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Comments ( 178 )

  1. KOKUA

    You... Are... Loved... Brother!

  2. Skye

    IMHO you are the best thing on the net at this time. Keep your awesome stream of consciousness dialogue streaming out into the world. Thumbs Up!!

  3. leecamp

    Thanks for fighting all the way in Morocco/China!! And thanks for the support!

  4. Ares

    Thank you Great Lee Camp!! You are awesome man! You remind me Georges Carlin! Keep fighting, you are inspiring me so much ! I support you from Morocco/China ! Dont give up the fight! ps: Little hi for the NSA ;)

  5. louden c

    since theres 244 podcasts, its impossible to scroll to #100 or whatever. how bout a list.

  6. leecamp

    SO excited that inspired you to start speaking out in a funny way. Awesome. So glad. Keep fighting, my friend!

  7. Spencer

    Hey, Lee! saw ya in KC earlier this year (big guy, front row, purple shirt ~_^).. bought the book, and reread it often. Watching you live made me realize that I can entertain and educate at the same time. A week later i performed my first stand up routine. Learning the craft now, and seeking my comedic voice that incorporates truth into the funny. Just wanted to say "whatup" and that you need to come to Columbia, MO. Its a college town with a very active activist (active activists....redundant much?) community. Its also the heart of the beast when it comes to Monsanto, and we could use a bit of yer vitriol. Keep on Keeping on Fighting Spencer V.

  8. Guillaume

    Meh. still get the feeling you somehow do that for money. Its okay, we all in the same boat. At least it might open some eyes on the way to the pay check. keep up the good work Mr.Camp. It's still better than working for a bank right?

  9. joseph c smith

    Ok Dear Mr. Lee Camp... one thought: you are the awesomest... then fill in the blankity blank.. seriously nobody can outdo Max... and he had you on his show to do just that.. one in several billion comedians couldn't make bankers laugh that hard.. the people and even the sheeple will appreciate your missives, messages and the truth.. thanks and keep up the good work.. seriously. peace Joseph

  10. leecamp


  11. Ron Fuller

    I'm spreading and sharing your latest NSA rant---Awesome! Ron Fuller.

  12. Ron Fuller

    Please watch my Educational, Germanic, Heavy Metal, Anti-Corporate, Death Hate, Metal Rap, Music Video called WE WILL ROCK MONSANTO by Ron Fuller It has gone slightly viral. Email, and in Face IT Book-Ron Fuller Monsanto. Thanx

  13. Guillaume

    Also, not to be annoying or anything, but i was thinking about it and thought i might as well share the thought. Unless I don't understand what you're doing, you are fighting against the system at large. Which I respect a lot. I guess that in a fight, one thing that can be considered, is that if you fight against a smart person, you may think they will somehow use your own strength against yourself. (kung fu style?) Now bear with me. I'm a worker, and if I'm considering giving you money ( which is the pain of my life to get, even though i have a good job and it's only because of it that I'm considering helping you with your project ), it still pisses me off to give it to fight a system which offers you a way to pay you even if you're trying to destroy it. To be honest, maybe I'm delusional, but I would think that the pool of people dragged to your show are not the ones likely to go buy some shit just because of the five second of advertisement they saw before skipping it to your show. Now, keep in mind I do hate them commercials. As much as the next guy. But I'd rather make the "effort" of ignoring this little annoyance at the beginning of your show knowing it serves the purpose of making your videos possible, than to work 2 hours in order to send you 50 bucks. To change things, we all have to compromise, and if barely watching an advertisement is one of them, i feel like it could be a lot worse. Am I a complete asshole for thinking that we can use the system against itself, or does it make any sense at all?

  14. Guillaume

    Sorry, it's not to be an asshole, and i'm not aware of the cost of making a youtube video. Should i assume you do this full time? And you need to buy/rent material? And that's why you need the money? I find your answer odd. I guess you thought i was being inquisitive when in fact it was curiosity. ( at the same time maybe i see more condescension and impatience in your reply then there actually is ). I woulda apreciated if you had had a few more sentences of patiences towards a person who is at least enough interested in your work to ask a question instead of doing something without knowing why. Weirdly enough, that exact behavior seems to be the one you are shitting on anyways. So you probably don't give a shit anymore about it, but my question remains. Im still curious. You need money to pay rent? to buy food? buy equipement? is this your main way to earn money?

  15. leecamp

    Why would I want to be able to afford to keep doing this? Why would I want to be one of the only popular YouTube channels not covered in advertiser bullshit? I find your question odd.

  16. Guillaume

    Hey Lee, i accidentally stumbled upon your channel while on my daily video watching dity, and I gotta say I really liked your style. Being a member of the zeitgeist movement for a while now, and also of Daniel Quinn, Jacques Fresco and others, your subjects interested me a lot. I've been the guy everyone look at weird because i keep talking about the nonsense around our way of life ( people hardly see what i mean, but i don't have your talent for expressing myself ) ( side note, im french so im sorry if my sentences are somewhat wrong but i hope the message goes thru ). My only question for you is : why would you ask for donations..? Thanks.

  17. leecamp

    Thanks Jeremiah!

  18. Jeremiah Rutherford

    Hey Lee, I would just like to say man, you are an inspiration. You step out and call out the bullshit that most people are too scared to even question. I think your show is awesome. Always look forward to what you have next. Keep it up, man.

  19. leecamp

    Hey Dr, thanks for asking. I see that your email is the at What exactly is that? I might have once attended. ...To answer your question I graduated fromt he University of Virginia, but I actually think the majority of my education came after that. Some of the books that woke me up were Catch-22 (I reread it after college, when I could appreciate it), 1984, Confessions of An Economic Hitman, anything by Chomsky and anything by Zinn. Democracy Now is probably the only video news I watch on a regular basis. I read Alternet and Truth-Out. I know the Real News Network is also good. Outside of those things, I'm not sure. I just find it from sources and then I make sure I trust them. If you haven't watched economist Richard D. Wolff, definitely check him out. I wouldn't be surprised if he was influenced by Carlin. He does his lectures in a stand-up(ish) manner. Hope some of this stuff helps. The most important learning happens outside of school.

  20. dr. koeener

    Lee, You seem to be well-educated, and are obviously intelligent, highly literate, well-read and well-informed. Could you please tell us something about your educational background (schools, admired teachers, etc.), and perhaps share the sources of information you rely upon (Periodicals, authors, etc.)? This might help those younger people who aspire to become similarly well-educated critical thinkers, and those of us who constantly pursue our own continuing education. Thanks.

  21. Herb

    Thank Lee, Here is a video you might find useful. You may already know of Charles Eisenstein's work. Cheers! Herb!

  22. leecamp

    Totally agree, Herb. We have to have ideas. And we have to band together. Thank you for what you do, especially in a place like Blacksburg. (I grew up in Richmond.)

  23. Herb

    Lee, I just found out about you and appreciate your work very much. Thank you! This is what we are trying in Blacksburg, Va. I believe when people of conscious goodwill get together with mutual respect, autonomy and fun.....we will have more strength and resources to create the saner world wish to see. If all the transnational corporate class magically stopped what they are doing tomorrow....the people of goodwill would still need to come together and co-create the better world. It's not enough to rail against the people doing bad stuff. Most of us are accomplices. We depend on the system and take some enjoyment from it. Eventually, people who are awakening need to get together locally, collaborate and demonstrate viable, working examples of the saner life. Thank you again for your work. Herb

  24. Bendik

    Now as I wrote - I'm enjoying MOC a lot - you are witty and intelligent. But you can always learn more; the first step to brilliance is knowing that we know nothing. I would love it if you came to Scandinavia - I believe that you can have a moment of clarity of your own. No I donated ass much as I can to the cause (for now). Pleas do reconsider comming to Copenhagen - I'll be more than happy to acomodate you Lee. Yours sincerely: Bendik Chr. Brinchmann

  25. I can't publish my name

    Oh and I suggest you have Joe Rogan or any Deathsquad people on your podcast. 1) Deathsquad are funny as shit. 2) They and their fans tend to be smart compassionate and open minded. 3) They have a LOT of fans and I think most of them will like your comedy. 4) Since they have a lot of fans, your positive influence will reach a larger demographic. NOW peace out!

  26. I can't publish my name

    I would totally donate if I didn't spend all my money on hash. It's ridiculous how expensive this shit is here in Kuwait. Anyways, I fully support pretty much everything I heard you say. I kinda got annoyed at how little the audience laughed at your jokes in the Zeitgeist media festival. My stomach and facial muscles were in pain from the continuous laughter. Your act was FUCKING AWESOME! I love you man. Peace out!

  27. Jeani Brent

    For MOC 205 on YouTube, the link to the film & book is incorrect. The correct link to the film & book is

  28. Lisa Doherty

    I have been sitting here with a friend just listening and absorbing are now part of my consciousness, which I have no complaints about...more people should let you in :) I do however want to know when you will grace Boston with your presence? I want to come see you live...this is not enough for me...not nearly enough...please come to Boston...ya the song...only you don't have to stay, unless you want to, cause ya know, you're always welcome to...anyway ya as always

  29. Dr. Koerner

    re: Jim W's contemplation of dumping his cable TV and spending that money on a Lee Camp membership instead: My advice, from experience? Go for it, Dude! - you won't regret it. I got fed up with television in 1971 and threw my TeeVee set in a garbage can. It felt so G-o-o-o-d! Still does. As near as I can tell, so far I haven't missed anything (with the possible exception of seeing Lee Camp on Fox News). If there is anything else that I missed (I doubt it), let me know. (Not that it'll persuade me to go out and buy one.)

  30. leecamp

    I think you're right. I just didn't want to overreach. But yeah, I'm pretty sure you're right.

  31. jay

    Dear mr Lee Camp, i have been enjoying your moc's for some time now, thank you. with regards to moc#173, did i hear you say that ows is the 1st global protest of your lifetime? i think it is unprecedented, if i'm right, well that's kind of a big deal, the 1st global protest of anyones lifetime. take it easy.

  32. Barry Camp

    From one Camp to another, good luck with the Sept. 16 concert.

  33. leecamp

    Sorry about that. You can email me at and I'll tell you how to do it.

  34. Zoltan

    Great work, but I looked around on the website, and I might have been in a hurry and missed it, but I didn't see anything that said you can send a money order. I hate Google, GMail, Twitter and Facebook, because they all track you, so I avoid them ( and there are alternatives to each one of the things I mentioned). I also avoid credit cards. When there's an ethical credit card company, I'll get one. Until then I'd like to donate but could you make a method available for anti-credit card and anti-PayPal fans? Thanks

  35. Jim

    What a coup, Paul Krassner! I was a young, Viet-Nam war (excuse me "conflict") supporter when I discovered The Realist and marijuana. Both were due to my Russian language tutor who I thank daily. Thanks, Lee, for an insightful and though-provoking episode. Loved it!

  36. anthony c.

    Mr. Camp your voice is new yet the words are all too familiar...knowing that someone like you is standing strong at the front lines gives me hope for the future. Between the insight and comical sarcasm your MOC brings i cannot wait for the next. Much love and respect from a weary and indebted man

  37. leecamp

    Thank you so much, Teemu. Glad to see Finland is finally getting some clarity. Thanks for listening!

  38. Teemu Tanhua

    Hello Mr. Camp, greetings from Finland!! Just want you to know that your voice is heard. I love your work and definitely going to be a member for now. Teemu

  39. leecamp

    Ha, seriously, it's all cooking shows and cop shows. And all of the reality bullshit is faked anyway. Why would we watch reality shows when they aren't fucking real?? It's absolutely insane! So thank you for your support. I think you just gave me an idea for a future MOC.

  40. Jim W

    I look forward to listening to your show when I am on my hour drive to school each day. When you don't have shows on I turn the radio off and listen to my broken muffler, it is much more soothing than the advertisements that public radio shoves down your throat with an occasional same rock song they been playing for the past decade. I will become a member soon, hopefully while you are still offering the CD, but a little tight right now. If my wife would let me I would just cancel the cable and send some of that money to you since your show has brought more worth while information in the past six months than the cable has given me in the past 6 years, I enjoy television, but it seems to me that they quite trying to make good shows and just keep adding new cop shows to remind us that we need more power over us because of the psychopaths on the street, that and they don't need any meaningful plots they just reenact the shit on the news. Love the show, keep up the good work.

  41. leecamp

    Hey Clint, Thank you for your thoughts. You seem like a wonderful person, and one I would like to know. I have been outspoken on message boards that I do not agree with Ron Paul. A) I believe in evolution. B) I'm no libertarian. I believe the government can be used for good. I believe that we must work together to care for each other. I am very philosophically different from Ron Paul on certain issues. That being said, I agree that he is more credible than anybody else on the GOP debate stage.

  42. Clint Holey

    Hello Lee Camp, Thanks for adding some much needed humor to the lives of the populace. I'm confident that your popularity will continue to rise and a plethora of new doors will be opened to you. Choose wisely and stay true to your conscience. Since your an activist you are probably already aware of the people. There are several petitions posted including one on behalf of the occupy wallstreet campaign. On a philosophical note, it is extremely important for humanity to maintain our inalienable rights. In order to do that we must believe in creation or a higher power than humans. The humanist movement pushed with the current meme of evolution would have us believe that we are all animals. If widely accepted that would allow the governments of the world to dictate what rights it will allow its citizens to have. Also, I agreed with your assessment of the GOP candidates with the lone exception of one Rep/Dr. Ron Paul. If you do a little backround research on him you might realize how brilliant , credible, and consistent his message for liberty has been. Anyways, I hope you continue to verbally attack the financial terrorists and corporate whore media. Somehow, maybe you can help get people of all types to focus animosities on the Federal Reserve Banksters. 4204life

  43. leecamp

    Hey Dude, Thanks for the words of support! The song is called "Paradox" and is by Devilz Speciez - he has a bunch of great stuff. You can find him on YouTube.

  44. This dude

    Hey Lee, What's the title of the song that is played at the start of your "Moment of Clarity" videos. Oh and Kudos for your work. You have my support and respect. Keep up the brilliant artwork. Best regards, This Dude

  45. leecamp

    Never a better compliment has been given. Thank you.

  46. Scum of the Universe

    Honorable Lee, You are either the poison or cure for our bankrupt, corrupt, rat fucking society. Keep hitten em where it counts. Deepest regards, thee Scum

  47. leecamp

    Thanks Marcy! Love your music. Keep fighting. ~Lee

  48. Marcy J. Gordon

    Lee, You're AWESOME -- keep it up, man! Please find a way to get in touch with Keith Olbermann, as he should create a political comedy show for Current TV and let you run it. And thanks for telling me to keep doing my edgy political standup even though my act sometimes goes over the audience's head. YOU ARE THE BEST!!! Reverend Mother Marcy Public Intellectuals for Social and Spare Change

  49. Michael Edward

    Dear Moderator - I do not see on the abouve where it shows my web site. Would you please put under my sign-off "ME" Thank you.

  50. Michael Edward

    YOU da MAN! I am adding your video rant found at to my web site. I want YOU, please, to STUDY my web site. Why? Because it is THEE TOOL that combined with the energy of just a few of the American People will bring us back to the Original Intent of our Founders. MISSION STATEMENT: To enable and to empower the American Folk to network amongst themselves at their local political level; at the local geographical venue so the American People will have the kind of society they want; so the American People will have the kind of government they want. I hope you take this request serious. I don't know squat about your 'day job', but I know you are dead-on with understanding the problem. I am asking you to help share the solution. Yours in Freedom, ME

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