MY COMEDY ALBUM – “Pepper Spray the Tears Away”

 The album is also available on iTunes, Amazon, and most popular music sites, along with my previous album “Chaos For The Weary.”

The Moment of Clarity book is available along with

the e-Book!

Moment of Clarity Book

It contains 90 Moment of Clarity transcripts PLUS 20 never-before-seen photographs from professional photog C.S. Muncy on the front lines of protests around the country.

Get the paperback book – HERE – for $14.95

Get the Kindle version – HERE – for $7.95

Get the other E-book  platforms – HERE – for $7.95


To learn about my comedy album “Chaos for the Weary” watch this short video. (Links to order the album are below.)

And if you have no idea why Fox News told me to get out of the building, watch the small clip to the right titled “Lee Camp and Roseanne” —>

Click here to listen to FREE samples from the album on iTunes

Click here to BUY on iTunes for only $9.99

Click here to BUY on Amazon

“Lee Camp is a comedy evangelist” – The Guardian newspaper
“57 minutes of comedy at its finest” – Comedy Reviews
“Lee Camp brings art back to the stand-up stage” – The Huffington Post
“From time to time you hear a new comedy album that changes the game. …That time has come around again with ‘Chaos for the Weary’.” – Whiskey & Skittles
“Camp’s semiautomatic delivery sprays the crowd with a fusillade of words, ideas and images bound to nick a nerve and funny bone.” – Punchline Magazine

(and here’s a little taste of more of my comedy)

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Comments ( 83 )

  1. Ken Tremblett

    Fantastic Lee. You're a bold, informed voice in a cacophony of shrill, ignorant, self-serving utterances. Also, it was great to have met you at the show in Vancouver last week. Peace, brother.

  2. Jared Mabie

    Will definitely download the kindle version of your book. I subscribe to your videos and post them each week.

  3. Charles Nalepa

    Just rub bacon on it ?! ... Now where's my free book?

  4. Ambrose

    Awesome stuff Lee. Continue the good fight and speak the truth only the way your can. Comedy is one of the pillars of understanding and you prove it every time you speak the truth!

  5. leecamp

    Oh man, can't wait for my assassination attempts. I hope they're at least funny - you know, exploding cigars and the such.

  6. Victor Templer

    Lee, you get any better and you'll be ripe for government sponsored assassination! Let me know when you run for President, I'm sure you'd do a better job than the zombies running our country right now. Victor

  7. tony

    Hey Lee, You rule! just donated to your cause & bought your book. I really appreciate your M.O.C. videos You are a gift to all of us. Thanks for your hard work, wit and Balls! I run an underground performance scene in Queens. We're having an "Occupy" performance night June 15 @ 9 pm. Would love if you could join the party, and we'll feature you. Keep telling the truth!

  8. leecamp

    Hey Richard, shoot me an email at Thanks a lot.

  9. Richard

    Hot stuff, Lee. Keep punchin'. America needs your courage. Question: Which do you prefer: we buy your stuff with PayPal or a credit card?

  10. leecamp

    I'm not sure why you didn't do the membership. It's right there on the front page. But thank you for the donation!!

  11. Jeff&SafireStar

    Ok, So we listen to your freaking kick ass show every week and it even comes to my itunes without ever having to go and look for it...We love it so much that today we decided to donate $30 to our trusted comedian friend because it flipping feels good, ya know? Then....after the money is gone into the black hole that we now call the internet we find out that we could of got a freaking membership for less and we didn't even get a t-shirt that says we survived or nothing. Not even a signed CD...We are kinda bummed about it in case you cant tell but we remain faithful cuz your so fuckin funny!

  12. Lily're funny! Glad to see true aware Americans doing something about the declining US Keep spreading the truth... Peace and hugs

  13. leecamp

    That's okay. Your support and help with letting people know about it is a great donation in and of itself.

  14. leecamp


  15. Ms. Demeanor

    I LOVE Moment of Clarity! Just sent a tiny donation -- I think your work is worth more, but I'm currently one of the unemployed. Thanks so much for what you do.

  16. leecamp

    Wow Roger. Your situation sounds awful. And I completely agree with you - I often can't believe we're in this situation. I think I said it in the last MOC - how did we get here? How did we get to a point that we are willing to treat human beings this way. As the chant says - Another world is possible. I'm so glad that I feed your fire for life. Never a better compliment has been given. And I know sometimes, when people are stuck at home or stuck in an area of the country or world that doesn't seem awake, it becomes easy to think you're alone. You are not alone. I was 2,000 people just today who marched in 30 degrees for hours to stand-up against this bullshit. At the end of the day I had two friends in jail and one with a broken finger. And they will all be back tomorrow. This fight is just beginning...

  17. Roger Dicks

    RIGHT ON, LEE! Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Rosh Hashana, what the fuck ever!!! I always love your MOC's. They are not only right on, but provide me with great amusement as well. I finally have a month were I've got a little extra folding money, so I thought I would support the arts my way. I plan on giving when I can. I am home a lot these days after working for 30 years in the medical profession and getting sick with pneumonia. The pneumonia left my lungs very scarred to the point that I'm on oxygen 24/7. Believe me, if Iwere able I'd be on the front lines of the Occupy Movement. After 2 years of not getting a cost of living increase in my SS disability (which by the way I paid into for 36 years) the government has informed me that I will get $50 a month more as a COL adjustment in my monthly benefits. Wow. All my troubles are over. $50 more a month will solve all my problems. All is sunshine and happiness now....oh, what's this? Your increasing my Medicare deductions? It's going to be how much more a month? And my prescription plan has increased how much? Thank goodness I got that $50. It will just cover my increase in heathcare insurance. Has the whole government gone insane? Those jackasses sit on Capital Hill and waste our money on stupid shit that lobbyists want and we the people get shit on. When I was a young man, if you'd told me that life would be like this when I reached my 53rd year on this earh, I would have laughed in your face. I couldn't fathom that my government would do this to anyone. How wrong I was. I even tried to apply for food stamps, but because I get $1550 a month, I make to much to qualify. I don't have a lot to be happy about this holiday. My children are grown and gone (which is a good thing. They have all proven to me that they are capable men), my wife walked out on my 3 1/2 years ago. So, believe me, I lood forward to your MOC's. They keep my fire for life fed. That there are others out there who think as I do and are not afraid to show it. Keep Fighting the Good Fight, Roger

  18. thomas hagelund

    Fucking A..!!..quite simply brilliant..moments of clarity indeed...thanks and $50 for you: an Absolute American Artist-you make me proud & laugh.

  19. Joe Sullivan

    Yo what up dog?? Lee I have a book for you to read, it's called; THE CANCER STAGE OF CAPITALISM, the authors name is JOHN MCMURTRY. The book is devastatingly graphic and on point. The vast wealth of knowledge and facts it contains is overwhelmingly powerful. It's like the 'BIBLE' for the Anti-Capitalist mind. Hope you can find some time to consume it. Peace out man. Can't wait for the book to be done!!

  20. leecamp

    Uh oh, I'm allergic to peanuts. ...just kidding. Actually, I still live on peanut butter - like I'm 8 or something. So this is perfect. Thanks Paul!

  21. Paul Carlberg

    I sent you just enough for a small can of peanuts , this month has been get more when you run out great Job Lee, thanks for the laughs ...

  22. leecamp


  23. Bruce Baber

    Discovered you through the Best of the Left podcast. Wow! You just blaze through the BS and leave a bright, shining, fun place in my brain that lasts all day. What a relief! Crap distilled to diamonds! Love it! Do not ever quit! You are much needed! No one else like you!

  24. leecamp

    SO COOL of you to say. I agree with you, and I myself try to support artists when I can. Anyway, I plan to set up a $5 monthly membership in September. Sorry for the delay on that. Thanks a lot, Bruce.

  25. Bruce

    Could afford to send you $10.00 this month. My belief is we need to support our artists directly. Kinda like in the Renaissance. Keep the faith brother. For the rest of the fans, how about $5 or $10 a month for Lee? Peace be upon you all.

  26. leecamp

    Thanks Jennifer! Will do.

  27. Jennifer Knotsmed

    Finally got around to donating a little scratch today :) Keep up the great work Lee!

  28. martha johnston

    Thank you - I love your Moment of Clarity

  29. margret hamilton

    Well, then you didn't delete it, my apologies. But I saw it on the screen, perhaps it was being evaluated before publishing, I cannot account for the final actions. However, now I will have to revisit your clips if I am to make a subsequent commentary. Not sure I have the time, but I appreciate your response.

  30. leecamp

    Not sure what you're talking about. I didn't delete whatever post you're referring to.

  31. margret hamilton

    I see my first post got deleted. Ok. But, leecamp, you're really not all that brave afterall are you? Or even confident in what you profess.

  32. ChrisDahler

    Great stuff, you've got a new fan! Skewering (squeamishing?) the far right is so easy, they write their own material. You keep up the good work, and ride those bastards like the pigs they are.

  33. John

    An American hero, keep it up.

  34. demo187

    Lee, Thanks for speaking out...your rant towards WI congresscritter the delicate Glen Grothman was right on the mark...

  35. Larry McKinley

    You should duke it out in a UFC style comedy fight with Dennis Miller. You would do a great verbal ground and pound on his pseudo intellectual right wing bullshit.

  36. leecamp

    Thanks Sandra!

  37. Sandra Loomis

    I love you too! Thanks for speaking up!

  38. Teresa Williams

    Loved, loved, loved this. Insightful and still funny. Found this through DailyKos. I'm a fan.

  39. Eric Brehm

    After the last few weeks in Wisconsin, I needed some laughs. Thanks, Lee!

  40. Amy Boyd

    Count me in among your new fans who found you through dailyKos. Love that you got a chance to speak the truth on a network that generally doesn't allow any. :)

  41. leecamp

    Awwww. Thanks Darcy!

  42. leecamp

    Thanks guys! So glad I could provide some much needed laughter in MN!

  43. Spot the Almighty

    Brilliant. Will you marry me too?

  44. Charlie

    I hear you're getting married... to someone on FOX? Congratulations!

  45. Rodger

    Got My attention...! About FOX Nuws, Senator Slob, "Lee Camp" I'll remember that name. Sure would be a Good Thing if Mr. Camp could continue with his wit, to the point of getting America to wake up..., Let's get some attention on this young man. He might be the one to get what started in Tunisia and Egypt, going in America. Kind of like: "I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore!" kind of movement against Wall Street, the Banksters, et al. This is Great, Keep it Up!!!

  46. Matt

    That is awesome, I'm glad somebody said that on-air while on Fox News. If I had the opportunity I would have done the same thing

  47. MARTinNJ

    Wow.....Nicely done. I will marry you too.

  48. Ross

    Lee, THANK YOU. My wife and I both work for the state of MN and got the best laughs we've had in weeks watching your videos here. Found you via Daily Kos, and look forward to getting your album. Hope you are coming to Minnesota soon. Ross

  49. ann

    you must have touched a nerve to get such eloquent hate mail. you cut the strings of the pretty fox puppets, and left them in a puddle...well done.

  50. Darcy Reynaud

    I want to marry you but I'm a little younger than Rosanne. Really great to have just discovered you off of DailyKos. Keep speaking truth to power Lee. Sincerely, Your newest fan, Darcy

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