MY COMEDY ALBUM – “Pepper Spray the Tears Away”

 The album is also available on iTunes, Amazon, and most popular music sites, along with my previous album “Chaos For The Weary.”

The Moment of Clarity book is available along with

the e-Book!

Moment of Clarity Book

It contains 90 Moment of Clarity transcripts PLUS 20 never-before-seen photographs from professional photog C.S. Muncy on the front lines of protests around the country.

Get the paperback book – HERE – for $14.95

Get the Kindle version – HERE – for $7.95

Get the other E-book  platforms – HERE – for $7.95


To learn about my comedy album “Chaos for the Weary” watch this short video. (Links to order the album are below.)

And if you have no idea why Fox News told me to get out of the building, watch the small clip to the right titled “Lee Camp and Roseanne” —>

Click here to listen to FREE samples from the album on iTunes

Click here to BUY on iTunes for only $9.99

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“Lee Camp is a comedy evangelist” – The Guardian newspaper
“57 minutes of comedy at its finest” – Comedy Reviews
“Lee Camp brings art back to the stand-up stage” – The Huffington Post
“From time to time you hear a new comedy album that changes the game. …That time has come around again with ‘Chaos for the Weary’.” – Whiskey & Skittles
“Camp’s semiautomatic delivery sprays the crowd with a fusillade of words, ideas and images bound to nick a nerve and funny bone.” – Punchline Magazine

(and here’s a little taste of more of my comedy)

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Comments ( 83 )

  1. leecamp

    Thanks! You're in luck. That closing bit was also at the end of my comedy special. It's here -

  2. Ketchy

    Lee you were great in San Francisco and what you said at the end of the show was so amazing. I can't remember the exact words, but I'm grateful that there is a wonderful loving good hearted thoughtful prohuman person like you out there in the lime light. If there was any way for me to get those words, I would truly want them and I was the guy that said " f***** that" and you said "Thank you" Sorry about the one guy heckler who didn't get you. You were the bigger man and he lost. It was the first Chinese New Year at ground zero for me and you handled those bombs and cracklers with deft skill. You are a great force and lots of us are behind you.

  3. jual ac

    Love your work Lee..... I want to buy your works, cause you are ny inspiration. Best regards, jual ac. I'm waiting for another your works.

  4. toko ac

    love this web very much!great worked lee!i have bookmarked this web

  5. best grills 2014

    Every weekend i used to pay a visit this website, for the reason that i want enjoyment, for the reason that this this web site conations really fastidious funny material too.

  6. Sinisterai

    Greetings from Australia Lee, I know it wasn't much but we're under attack here also mate. Remaining human is such a hard job for many of the more well off these days. Thanks for your inspirational voice =)

  7. leecamp

    They're available here -

  8. heinz

    Hi Lee, will you be offering any t-shirts for sale ? Size xxl and for the rednecks size xxxl ? Thanks, Heinz

  9. Tarrence Grigsby

    Come to Nashville!

  10. leecamp

    1) If you just want a digital version, email me at 2) thanks 3) thanks 4) We have. It's all in order and catalogued here - 5) No 6) Yes. I have a free podcast with bonus audio and interviews. It's called "moment of clarity" and is on iTunes. 7) Okay

  11. Singingway

    1. Question: Is it better for you if I buy your albums from your site, or from iTunes? Does that affect your profit margin? I would like to purchase in the way that best supports your work. 2. Thank you for Serving on the Green Shadow Cabinet! When the government shut down, I told everyone, "MY government is not shut down, MY government is doing just FINE, because I'm a citizen of the Green Shadow Government!" When the cabinet members weigh in on an issue, I always read your entry FIRST, so I can keep my perspective and not get depressed by the news of the day, as I read the other cabinet members' helpful insights. 3. I donated my account/Facebook to Moment of Clarity. 4. Suggestion: make it easier for new subscribers to your YouTube channel to be able to go through your videos in order and not miss any. (number them/date them/make searchable by subject?) 5. Other suggestion: Have you been on Bill Moyers? You should be! I just saw our (Green Shadow Government) President Jill Stein on there, she did a great job! 6. Further suggestion: Are these moments of clarity available as podcasts? 7. Come to Dayton Ohio sometime! We've got comedy clubs. And some....liberals....if we cull from a 100 mile radius. Many Thanks! :)

  12. Sezay

    Hi Lee, MOM series is very good. For the ones who have newly discovered your videos, I would suggest to put some playlists to group videos you think are related or in meaningful sequence so it is not hard to catch up with the fortunate people who have been here for long. Also, please have more shows with TZM and more interviews with Peter if possible. We sleep better knowing people like you are out there. Keep it up! Sezay

  13. James Robert Coyle

    Keep at the privatization asset strippers Lee. Gratefully, Coil

  14. samy boy

    love your shit man, alternative media will never die with people like you bringing light to things that otherwise would of been swepped under the evergrowing magic fucking carpet. you deserve Alex Jones' job, dude loses his shit too easily and can blabber on something kronic, fading the truth for some people i recon. plus he beliebes in jebus so...there's that.

  15. VIckie

    Lee, you are brilliant. Heart and mind. No one out there is packing as much info and insight into their political comedy as you are. Thank you for being there, and making me laugh through my tears about ugly America.

  16. converse australia

    Read Morningstar for more.

  17. Brenda Gail Hicks

    Well done! Keep the fucking tide rolling brother, you make a real difference In a sleepy world...

  18. leecamp

    I'm coming to St. Louis soon!

  19. LeRoy

    I listened to your moments of clarity through the best of the left podcast and finally decided to come to your site. I'm glad I did. I'd love to see you live, you should come to Columbia, MO. I'm pretty sure with Mizzou here, you'd sell out fast.

  20. leecamp

    Thank you, Kathryn!! That's very kind. And yes, I agree. Not enough people speaking their mind these days. Thank you again, and keep fighting. ~Lee

  21. Kathryn Lovelace

    I just discovered you when I went on You Tube to gather info on the recent signing of allowing insider trading by Obama . I watched your moment of clarity and thought you nailed it! I love your edginess. I haven't been able to stop watching your videos - I may not always agree but they make me think.Your observations and intelligence - I haven't seen in a long time and your honesty is so refreshing. Please don't stop-this country needs more individuals who are willing to speak their minds without all the political bullshit plus you are very funny. I plan on purchasing your book and look forward to more moments of clarity videos - keep up the good work and fighting the good fight. Sincerely a 56 year old republican.

  22. watajob

    You own(ed) a suit and tie?!

  23. Adolfo

    Love the podcast...have been following for a while. Just contributed to the fight (donation). Thanks for your work.

  24. David G.

    Hey Lee. Just made a small donation -- no reason other than I constantly appreciate your moment's of clarity and look forward to many more to come. Gottalaff and Paddy turned me onto you about a year ago and I've been amazingly entertained ever since. Keep up the great work. DG

  25. jeff

    See you in Toronto brother! Put a dent into my blissful ignorance would ya!?

  26. leecamp

    Very kind. Thank you. Hicks was a hero.

  27. Mary Ridge

    have not heard someone so truthful since Bill Hicks. Thank you.

  28. JanCarol Hills

    Lee, I canna figger out howta make a podcast GO when I want to leave my 'puter. I can't seem to put it on a phone or in a car or with a mouse or a moose. (yes, the crippling pain of being >50) So I will just have to buy your e-book. I'm thrilled you have it available, but I will just have to wonder about all those podcast zombies, jarred genitals and terrific interviews.....

  29. jacque kuizin

    Glad to hear you in Room 101. Hope you'll be on again Lee.

  30. leecamp

    That's so fuckin cool. Thank you.

  31. leecamp

    Thank you, Ken. Those were fun shows.

  32. leecamp

    Thanks Jared!

  33. Personalized

    Hi Lee... I liked the book so much I bought a 2nd copy for my brother. Great stuff my internet/virtual friend!

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